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Crown Mouldings TorontoIf you enjoy the finishing touch of crown mouldings in Toronto, you’ve come to the right place to browse a stunning collection of very nice mouldings, doors and other architectural trims. You are invited to visit our warehouse to see our interior doors, pre-built frames, MDF mouldings, locksets, and door hardware.

When you see a gracefully flared top finish to a wall, those are features called crown mouldings. In Toronto, these sorts of finishing features are used to cap walls, pilasters and doorways. Some mouldings are made of plastic or foam, with or without corner blocks. When stained or painted properly, it can be very hard to distinguish softwood mouldings from their hardwood counterparts. Moulding softens the transition from a wall to adjacent windows, ceilings and doors. Considered together, Crown moulding does much to enhance a room’s proportion and scale. Crown mouldings in Toronto are very popular with  decorators, designers and home improvement enthusiasts. Mouldings can be simple or ornate, and none of them are super easy to build. A skilled carpenter who knows about how to measure, cope, and cut mitres can make a decent living installing architectural embellishments like crown mouldings, baseboards, doors and trim. If you are a carpenter with those kinds of specialised skills, be sure to see our splendid selection of doors, trim and hardware.

Trim Carpenter Supply stocks and sells some of the nicest doors, pre-built door frames, MDF mouldings, locksets and door hardware anywhere. Don’t see exactly the thing you’re looking for? Tell us about it, and we’ll try to locate it for you. When it comes to architectural trim and crown mouldings in Toronto, nobody in the GTA offers a more extensive or affordable selection. We’ve got all the interior doors, pre-built door frames, locksets and door hardware you could ever possibly want or need. Visit our enormous warehouse at 170 Brockport Drive. Call 416.798.1994 for hours and directions. Crown Mouldings Toronto

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